Running Out of Time

One million young voices behind one message:

Climate Action Now!

What is it?
The Global Schools Action Day will bring together over a million young people to send a message on Climate Action that decision makers at COP27 can’t ignore.

When is it?
Anytime on Thursday 3rd November – don’t worry if you can’t make this date, you can choose another day that works for your school.

How do we take part?!
On the day we’re asking everyone, in all schools, to get active for 15 minutes (or more). Run, walk, bounce or roll – we don’t mind how you do it, it’s the taking part that counts. You’ll also get access to our easily adaptable lesson plans and resources.

What makes taking part so special?

The School’s Action Day is a global celebration of the Running Out of Time Relay - the longest non-stop relay ever attempted, all in the name of climate action.

This extraordinary 7200km relay will run from Glasgow, the host of the COP26 climate talks, to Sharm el-Sheikh, where it will arrive in time for the start of COP27. Gathering momentum every step of the way, the relay celebrations will culminate in our Schools’ Action Day on 3rd November, when thousands of schools will join together for an unforgettable day of positivity and climate action.

Register your school and add your 15 minutes of activity.

Be part of something unforgettable

Taking part in Running Out of Time is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Give your students the chance to be heard, learn more about climate change and show their support for positive climate action.

It's time to unite the world, break down barriers, and make change!

Backed by the best...

We’ve partnered with some incredible organisations leading the charge on climate education. As a registered school you will have access to all their educational resources and campaigns for free!

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