One Run Global Relay

163,797 runners. 195 countries. One Run.
An incredible 24 hour relay and live festival for global unity. ?

In 2020, we launched our inaugural One Run Global Relay event, a one-day virtual relay. This was the first running event to feature participants from EVERY country in the world (195 countries). Over 15,000 people took part.

In 2021, we grew this to over 165,000 participants!
Backed by a whole host of inspirational individuals such as Tom Daley, Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory), LeAnn Rimes - One Run was more than just a run - we united #EveryHuman for change.

Our own social media posts reached over 2.6 million people, and on the event day, we were tagged in over 1,000 Instagram Stories from runners all over the world!

“One Run made me realise just how powerful a group of positive people can be, and how positive energy is really and truly contagious.”

Tracy WallStage #188 Missouri

Thank you again for continuing to put on these amazing races. I am stationed in Los Angeles but ran with my One Run buddies on the east coast this morning. I felt great! I know this run benefits so many and I think your efforts are so amazing!!!

Running plays a huge part in my life. I've always ran, but started racing after my dad passed in 2007. It is my special way of honoring and remembering him. With COVID and all, a lot was put on hold and I haven't signed up for a race in over a year. Today, I felt like I was flying free. I felt so connected with everyone this morning even though I was running solo. Thank you for doing these amazing runs!

Love from LA x

Rumi MayedaLos Angeles, USA